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Filmkunstmesse Leipzig shows "Windstill"

W-film presents "Windstill" before its official theatrical release on 11 November at the Filmkunstmesse Leipzig 2021! According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Nancy Camaldo's outstanding feature film debut is "a mature achievement in every respect." Against the picturesque backdrop of her native South Tyrol, the filmmaker, who is only 29 years old, unfolds a touching drama that reflects the longings and fears of an entire generation. One of the most exciting new cinematic discoveries of young German cinema, "Windstill" celebrated its world premiere at the 2021 Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival, where Giulia Goldammer and Thomas Schubert were also nominated for "Best Young Actor". Another nomination for "Best Supporting Actress" went to Barbara Krzoska at the German Acting Award.


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David Wnendt presents "The Sunlit Night" at its German premiere

A wonderful evening at the German premiere of "The Sunlit Night": Director David Wnendt personally introduced his new feature film to the audience at the Eva-Lichtspiele in Berlin on 8 September! In the unique atmosphere of the 110-year-old cinema, he and producer Fabian Gasmia from Detailfilm were bombarded with questions about Hollywood stars, the icy Norwegian sea as well as their new joint film project "Sun and Concrete", the film adaptation of the novel of the same name by stand-up comedian Felix Lobrecht. The film discussion was moderated by cinema operator Maria Marchetta.


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German premiere of "The Sunlit Night" in Berlin

On 8 September, "The Sunlit Night" will celebrate its German premiere at 8:15 pm at the Eva Lichtspiele in Berlin. After the screening there will be a film discussion with producer Fabian Gasmia from Detailfilm. "The Sunlit Night" is the new comedy by David Wnendt after "Feuchtgebiete" and "Er ist wieder da". A light-footed, playful film adaptation of Rebecca Dinerstein Knight's novel of the same name, for which the successful German director gathers international stars in front of the camera: Jenny Slate ("Venom"), alongside Alex Sharp ("To the Bone"), Zach Galifianakis ("Hangover") and Golden Globe winner Gillian Anderson ("The Crown"), searches for her personal meaning in life in the Norwegian Lofoten Islands - and finds love. Nationwide cinema release from 23 September 2021.


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Conclusion of "Now" cinema tour with Jim Rakete in Munich

All good things come in threes: After Berlin and Hamburg, Jim Rakete and his climate documentary "NOW" were guests at the Munich premiere on the day of the film's release, 26 August. Together with producer Rainer Kölmel and producer Nina Spilger, he presented his committed documentary in person at the Rio Filmpalast. Marcella Hansch was also there as a special guest. She is the founder of the marine protection organisation Everwave and appeared in the film as a protagonist. Shortly before the federal elections, "NOW" is a timely reminder of the need for a green transition and can now be seen in cinemas nationwide.

wfilm_now_premiere_muenchen.jp From left: Munich premiere of "NOW" with presenter Julia Teichmann, producer Nina Spilger, climate activist Marcella Hansch, director Jim Rakete, producer Rainer Kölmel, distributor Stephan Winkler. Photo © Olivier Cabrit

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"Now" and Jim Rakete on cinema tour in Hamburg

Cult photographer Jim Rakete presented his committed documentary "NOW" in person yesterday, 25 August 2021, at the Hamburg premiere at Zeise Kinos. His committed cinema debut about young climate activists reminds us of the need for a green transition at exactly the right time, shortly before the federal elections. Other special guests were the Hamburg climate activist Marc Buckley, who is a protagonist in the film, and distributor Stephan Winkler from W-film. From today, 26 August, "NOW" can be seen in cinemas nationwide.
01_wfilm_now_premiere_hamburg. From left: Hamburg premiere of "NOW" with Mathias Elwardt (Zeise Kinos), climate activist and protagonist Marc Buckley, director Jim Rakete, distributor Stephan Winkler (W-film). Photo © Heike Ross

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